Not all e-waste is created or treated the same. To find out what items we accept at pickups or events, please click here.

What We Recycle

As a State of California registered E-waste Handler, and a member of the State's electronics recycling program since 2008, Electronic Waste Recycling is a proud leader in residential and charity event recycling throughout Southern California.
We will collect e-waste items at your residence for a fee, typically $65. If you want to inquire about scheduling a pickup, or you are within 20 miles of our Long Beach address and want tolearn how to schedule a $3 pickup, click below to find out more!
If you want to drop off your electronics for free instead of scheduling a pickup, let us know where you live and we'll let you know when the next free event is scheduled. If you want to raise funds for your charity, we have a streamlined program available too.

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