Electronic Waste Recycling

We have 1 or 2 events each Saturday (except holidays), all throughout Southern California. To find an event in your area, email our event coordinator directly. Chris@ewastelb.com, or call him at 714-296-6150.

There are a number of reasons our clients schedule a free e-waste drop-off event.

  1. Charity Fundraiser
  2. Realtor Client Generation event
  3. Drive Highly Coveted Recycling Customers to your Business
  4. Help the environment

For a Charity Fundraiser, you must be a registered Non-Profit Organization. Our most popular locations of this type are schools, churches, Boys & Girls clubs, and even amateur sports teams! For more information on how to schedule a fundraiser, and the funds available through this program, please email our event coordinator directly. Chris@ewastelb.com

For a Realtor Event, you must schedule your event with us more than 30 days, and be within 90 miles of our Long Beach Office. Unfortunately we are limited in the number of these events we can offer each year at no cost, so please contact us directly for more information. 714-296-6150. Ask for Angela.

For a Retail Environment events (mini mall/shopping center), we have a number of tools to help drive highly coveted "green" consumers to you business with a recycling and/or paper shredding event, or multiple events.

For costs and terms, contact the main office at (562) 420-9630.