Three Dollar Pickup

Click on the book cover to the right to purchase "Whispers of fate" for $2.99

Send us a screenshot of your Amazon purchase, along with the date and location you would like your e-waste collected.

Pay our driver 1 cent when he picks up your e-waste.

Feel good that you helped the planet, and read the book. It's good.

4 Step Process

Electronic Waste Recycling

Our Event Coordinator, Christopher Alan Plan, is also an author of fantasy novels, and has pledged to cover the costs for any local, residential e-waste pickup, if they simply buy his epic fantasy e-book "Whispers of Fate".

If you live within fifteen miles of the Long Beach, CA address at the bottom of this page, simply click on the e-book image below and purchase Chris' book via Amazon.

Next, email a screenshot of your receipt page on Amazon, confirming you have indeed purchased his book, to

Once we receive the e-mail from you with the screenshot proving you have purchased Chris' novel, ($2.99 on Amazon), along with the date and location you wold like your items picked up from,  and we will come pick up your residential e-waste for one penny!

That's it!

If you are in the area, a three dollar pickup is that simple.

If you have any questions just call email Chris, or call him  directly at (714) 296-6150.